Pulsar Music Group Partners up with Gracenotes

Pulsar Music Group and The Worlds Largest Music

Recognition Technology Company

Pulsar Music Group is proud to announce they have partnered up with one of the worlds largest Music Recognition Tech Companies and is looking forward to showing the industry how a
independent music company can play on the same field as their major music company counter parts. Pulsar Music is truly a Indie Label that runs in a major way. Pulsar Music Group looks forward to a very busy 2015 with a full roster of talented artist and DVD projects dedicated to preserving the history of black music. This partnership gives Pulsar Music Group the opportunity to have major label leverage when it comes to the landscape of how music is played and sold digitally. This is a great thing for music and music companies like Pulsar Music Group.

Pulsar Music Group Current Roster:
+ Medusa    "Corsets & Cufflinks" EP Winter 2014
+ Tonio Blu "Sunsets & Regrets" EP Release Date Winter 2014
+ Sydney Rose "Intoxication" EP  Release Date Spring 2015
+ Rowlex "They Never Saw Me Coming" EP Release Date Summer 2015
+ High Definition "HD" Release Date Spring 2015
+ Private Tease Soundtrack Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Summer 2015
+ Sky Pharaoh "New Jack" EP Spring 2015
+ The Rebirth Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 2015